Wadau wa sector ya Elimu, why does girls performance deteriorate with advancing level? Every KCPE girls perform very well ,better than boys but this goes down at KCSE and then even lower at uni? Ive always wondered about the performance of top performers at KCPE both boys and girls but more of the girls and why in KCSE they dont perform equally well. I have been in male dominated science field since undergraduate where in a class of 30 we were 8 girls and frankly speaking to me ,girls are smarter ,have more perseverance and endurance. In my postgraduate I was the only woman and I was with very brilliant men unfortunately when time for thesis supervision came all the men dropped out because of bullying by the professors. I gave up a few times myself but I always got back at it, up to today they gave up. My lead professor was so hateful and misogynist that even he himself had to admit my work was good inspite of him refusing to assist me ,all he did was sign my documents, he was terrible and was shocked when I got to defence. He was blindsided and told me openly that he is very impressed. I told him Id pursue a Phd in the same field and he really discouraged me but I told him that I felt obligated to have a PhD especially because I am a woman in STEM, so far again I am the only woman, I understand even in previous PhD classes in my area there has been no graduation and I plan on being the first, my experience in post grad has made me realise that its not hard, its alot of reading but mostly its just how to deal with extremely difficult Professors who can make life hell. Im particularly proud of the alibino girl who is the highest performer this year KCPE and many many girls who have performed very well. Congratulations to all especially those lovely lasses who are scaling the heights of education,let us make our loved ones proud by never giving up and getting our PhDs - The golden girl calls it Prayer,Hard Work and Discipline.
You don't even know how to use paragraphs.
So what? Have you seen how Einstein used to write ?In any case if I would what work would the people who I outsource editing to do? Im creating employment .I have heard only 4 boyz made it to the top 20 list wah!!! Boy child need to pull up some socks na muachane na video games


Many reasons. Beauty is fading so the need to attract a partner takes precedence. Education becomes harder. More responsibilities at home other than studying
if you sincerely penned a Msc thesis and you are a female would you be asking such a trivial question?
Yes I would. Im making it against all odds why cant the others? With responsibilities as a wife and mom too . So frankly some research needs doing. I dont work with assumptions only empirical evidence and I havent seen it thus far.
if you sincerely penned a Msc thesis and you are a female would you be asking such a trivial question?
And btw that was awhile back so am penning a PhD now and because I am I dont really comprehend why any other woman cant. Btw theres nothing to it, the real work is in navigating those insane professors, if it was kitu with online supervision itd be easy peazzzy