Githurai riots.


Village Chief
Thika Superhighway blocked at Githurai by protestors. A heavy jam stretching for kilometers has formed on both sides to an from the area.


Village Elder
Interesting time ahead.
Huwa najiuliza hawa huwa wanasema kesho hatufanyi kazi raila ametuzoea? Anyway we are on the fence since tulicheswa. Wacha katambe.


Village Elder
Certainly, there is someone behind this shitty turn of events. Civil unrests each day as if people don't have any other thing to do othee than fight for 2 demigods. Kenyans suck.
Fanya vile nilikwambia tena pale home grow some maize and beans, before things cool ju watu hawalimi sasa you will make a killing as food prices will will skyrocket