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Give It To Drumpf: He Can Put On A Show


Village Chief
The best way to wash away the bitter after-taste of reversing the hard line against China and Huawei is to stage a media spectacle that dwarfs the entire G20.

US-North Korea: Trump and Kim agree to restart talks in historic meeting

What happened at the DMZ?

In a meeting apparently arranged after Mr Trump invited Mr Kim on Twitter on Saturday, they shook hands across the demarcation line between the Koreas before Mr Trump briefly crossed into North Korea, a symbolic milestone.

"Good to see you again. I never expected to meet you at this place," a smiley Mr Kim told Mr Trump through an interpreter in an encounter broadcast live on international television.

"Big moment," Mr Trump said, "tremendous progress."

Looking relaxed, Mr Kim crossed into South Korea and alongside Mr Trump said: "I believe this is an expression of his willingness to eliminate all the unfortunate past and open a new future."
But Kim knows he's a buffoon, that's why he doesn't implement anything they agree on these photomoments. Trump vile ameishia hivi Kim tells his Generals to continue on wirh whatever they were doing. Trump is only interested in the media craze that such spectacle creates. That's why he's dreaming of the one with the Ayatollah


Village Elder
That guy is an idiot. Remember when Moi use to hold road side meetings to announce everything? That's where I rate him. Trump went to Japan to woe North Korea. Two dumb facks making a show. Good show though.