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  1. kamnjoro

    kamnjoro Village Elder

    Makosa ilifanyika, Tata ikanipitia na nikatuma apology. I meant counseling.
  2. Kana Kega

    Kana Kega Village Elder

    What is that supposed to mean???
  3. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

    It means this test is not conclusive.
  4. Kana Kega

    Kana Kega Village Elder

    So why use it then? I don't see the need to use it if i'll still be required to go to hospital for a follow-up test.
  5. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

  6. Touchlyrics

    Touchlyrics Village Elder

    Had a guy who supplied with me with these kits na watu walikuwa wanazinunua kama hotcake. Many couples dont trust their partners thats for sure. Was good business until the guy was relocated.

    And shock on me kuinvite kadem keja tujipime kama tuko poa ndio tuende dry fry, and she turned out +ve. Lemme me just say some things are traumatising to find out. Counselling ni lazima, wueeeh!!
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  7. Duke of Busia

    Duke of Busia Village Elder

    That was a close shave baba
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  8. Koolibah

    Koolibah Village Elder

    Dry fry coming soon. Test. Results. Pwacha pwacha
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  9. Kunyaza

    Kunyaza Village Elder