Gone in 60secs.

A malicious local bitch that I had temporarily cohabited and did all the unthinkable with went MIA with my gas cylinder yesterday. NB:we had ended it amicably.

So came back from a small hustle and decided some ugali and sukumawiki must land in my stomach. Turning on the gas cooker, no . I had refilled it just the other day, I thought it's a faulty connection since I had not yet cooked with it. On opening the kitchen ground cabinet that hosts the gas cylinder, nothing. Wadau I swear my eyes became teary. First thought :the house was broken into. I quickly checked a man's main item of concern, laptop check, mini home theater check, certs check.,at least a sigh of relief there.

Thought for a while then nikaenda kuuliza the gatekeeper of any suspicious activity
GATEKEEPER :Kijana yangu si bibi yako ndio ametoka na hiyo mtungi hapa.
ME :bibi mgani? Niliowa lini? Nani alikuambia ni bibi yangu?
I nearly skinned the guy.

Went back to the kitchen and counter checked the empty space, I asked God, WHY ALWAYS
ME? I had just refilled the gas 2000=/, hiyo haniumi sana, lakini gas cylinder+refilling again seven thousand seveen thousannnd!! na hii uchumi natoa wapi impromptu.

Anyway later last night I rushed to Njoroges Akanisort makaa gunia nusu and an old jiko, I ate supper around 12pm. Saa hii moshi ina ni choke hapa tangu2.35 na karice kamekataa kuiva.

B. T.W tried calling her since yesterday she's not receiving calls. Got her sister's number from a friend. she told me they don't have my gas cylinder and they have relocated to an undisclosed location.