Gone too soon.... RIP LEGENDS

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Huyo Waireri amekuwa kwa gatheti from 9th. Kwanza ya 9th walikuwa wamesema kifo chake ni through tragic consequence then kwa latter adverts wakang'oa hiyo sentence na kubadilisha hata picha.
The body of a Kenyan man has been discovered by police officers in Vinings, Georgia, about 7 miles West of the city of Atlanta.
According to Cobb County Sheriff’s Department, the body of Kennedy Mbugua Waireri was found in his apartment with a gaping gunshot wound in the head on Monday morning.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that he may have used a short gun which lay next to him to take his

own life,” said an officer at the sheriff’s department who declined to be identified as he is not allowed to speak to the media.

Mr Waireri, 38, was a graphic artist who painted on a variety of subjects, including African and African American culture and lifestyle.

The Nation has learnt that forensic experts are trying to find out how long the body had been in the apartment before it was discovered.

“He may have died on Friday or Saturday but investigations are inconclusive at this time” said the


Waireri moved from Kenya to the United States in 1999. He hailed from Elburgon, Nakuru County.

An auntie to the deceased, Ms Lucy Gatua, said his family in Kenya had been notified of the unfortunate incident. Speaking to the Nation in Atlanta on Tuesday, Ms Gatua said relatives and friends are in shock after learning of the death.

“His mother couldn’t believe it when we broke the news to her,” she said.
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