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  1. Igna

    Igna New Villager

    Who do think will win
  2. hakimoto

    hakimoto Village Elder

    Everton.. NV
  3. old monk

    old monk Moderator Staff Member

  4. Destro

    Destro Village Elder

    Panga laini hapo nyuma uache maswali za upuuzi 11032198_450207258465002_871973981825193458_n.jpg
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  5. hakimoto

    hakimoto Village Elder

    Rooney to play
  6. MBOMB

    MBOMB Village Elder

    Gor will take it and we will never hear the end of it . Am sure Everton will field in their "team B". Remember the Sportpesa sponsored Hull city game?
  7. Elba

    Elba Village Elder

  8. Siwesmind

    Siwesmind Village Elder

    They might surprise you with the 1st team. It's pre season and the main squad requires training and game time.
  9. MBOMB

    MBOMB Village Elder

    Why would you post a video of Rooney with audio of a woman being fucked? How old are you?
  10. Touchlyrics

    Touchlyrics Village Elder

  11. Ole_Wenu

    Ole_Wenu Village Elder

    I will believe the game is important if babuon spares time from the campaign to go and watch Gor Mawe play.