it was quite unfortunate that Gor did not take the three points. They played well but luck was not on their side. I can't fault the players. They played with all their hearts and not even one of them slacked throughout the match. I'm hoping that they'll win against YANGA in the next game.
muulize how siberia was
While I was in Siberia my reach husband bought me a Benz and flew me out to Watamu and took me sailing and we had lunch prepared by my favourite chef, at a private island for my birthday and I took 9 people to the Rick Ross Concert. What did you do while I was in Siberia ???? Oh and I joined another forum called Kenyaspot, which is where I spend most of my time nowadays, its got very mature and refined people who are business minded and love the finer things , and love to travel not just Cheap Johns who are looking for tricks and homosexuals or brokeasses looking for sponsors like this forum.
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