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Bahati has a lovechild -a beautiful child he spent 2years denying. And then when paternity tests confirmed that half the pretty little girl’s dna is from him, he ran to social media to do some damage control by posting photos of her.

But this is not the first incident of a gospel artist shocking us with news of a lovechild. Actually, it would seem as if in Kenya, for one to be a fully fledged gospel artist, you have to have a child or two tucked away (neatly or otherwise) in a closet somewhere.

Some of the artists who have maintained this disturbing trend include:

#1. Bahati

We have already discussed him but you can read more about the unfolding story here:

#2. Willy Paul

Well, technically, though he isn’t a father, he did get a child. Only that his case ended in ****.

Exclusive Scandal: “You Had Better Abort My Baby!” Willy Paul Orders Pregnant Girlfriend
#3. Ringtone

Exclusive Scandal: “Stop Forcing Me To Abort Our Baby!” Ringtone’s Ex Girlfriend Screams!
#4. Rufftone

The thing about gospel artists is that they will forever be under constant scrutiny because you are meant to be a light unto the world, an example of living by the word of Him whose love endures forever.
Rufftone however wasn’t seeing as he got a child and then married the mother of the child. He was basically living in sin.
#5. DNG

My friend got a child when he was still a gospel star. A child might I add that he takes care of. And he did the right thing and quite being a gospel artist.
#6. Juliani

Brenda Wairimu’s child anyone? Well, he too quite being a gospel artist and rebranded himself as a “conscious” rapper.
#7. Size 8 and DJ Mo

The baby came before a wedding had happened. Then a quick silent wedding was had. Just to shut up the critics like me. But see, I am a simple man. These elaborate plans and ploys fly right over my head.