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There's this neighbour of mine we live in the same flat. She graduated last year from UoN with a bachelor's degree in BComms. She goes by the name Mary. Mary was called by her friend, Lisa who told her to apply for a job she had seen online being advertised from an organization in Westlands that pays its employees top dollar. They both applied and after 3 weeks they were called for an interview. It so happened that a few people were needed and Mary was lucky to be hired. On the other hand Lisa wasn't hired and so she was not happy about it. That even went ahead to damage the friendship the two had. Actually they ain't friends anymore. Lisa is angry and hurting inside that she was the one who passed the message and even persuaded Mary to apply for the job. She being the one who did all the work of going online didn't get it.

Are her actions justified??


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Ladies' friendships are usually fickle stuff, very fragile almost like walking on egg shells all the time. Unlike we guys who meet and after seconds umebond na msee hadi ushamuita Kibro. Then the friendship with us is not tagged with titles ati bestie or whatever, its just mtu wangu fullstop.

Our GM (Gen Manager) is a woman with this problem. She has her clique hapa job and forbids them from talking with the other ladies kwa ofisi as though she owns them. Sasa incase hayuko they be acting like bees with no Queen. Ladies huwa mko funny.


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Tell mary and lisa to cleanse our eyes first so that we can be able to see and understand this situation very well and come up with a solution


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Girls are fickle. Happened to a pal's wife.
Three friends, the guy's wife (chic at the time) got a special award in school for a certain law subject course whatever thingy.

They both thought she didn't deserve it.

Let's just say it stewed so hard and long that even a few years later, the other 2 did not attend her wedding.