Grand pa on blue pill

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Senior Villager
- A
53 year old grandpa was charged
in a Nyahururu court yesterday
with defiling three minors in one
Mr. Peter Wairimu was accused
of committing the heinous act on
December 5 at his house after
luring the three, two 9 year olds
and a 7 year old, with sweets.
According to witnesses, the fool
was alone at that time since his
wife was out of town on a church
mission. He called the trio who
were playing and asked them to
go inside the house because he
had sweets for them.
The nine year old told the court
that while inside the house,
Wairimu ordered them to undress
and warned them against
screaming or he would kill them.
He took some blue pill and
started touching their privates in
turns and later worked on them
for hours.
They passed out and were found
by a neighbour who was going to
check on the accused.
Wairimu however denied the
charges and was freed on a Sh
600,000 bond with a surety of a
similar amount. The case will
proceed on December 31.
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