Grown ass men crying

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I find it a bit bitchy for a man to cry a river like the asshat above. How often do you mofos cry now that it seems cool?

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All of my adult life, i only wept freely during my grandma's burial(RIP) especially because we had very close relationship and she had prophetically told me a few weeks earlier that once she passes on, i should not dare weep as she had already had a long life and she could hear her ancestors calling her to rest alongside them.
And why is it that kids in most cases have closer relationship with their grandparents than they have with their parents?


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Just tryna get some sympathy from the hoi polloi, I heard that Mendeleo Chap Chap is getting a hard time to sail through,so a man's gotta improvise. My otongolo mbili thoughts.
There's a hypothesis in the field of psychology which posits that sociopaths have an inability to cry "genuine" tears.

When they cry it is usually forced and characteristically tear on one eye (left one) more than the other.

Most politicians are thought to rate higher on the sociopath/psychopath spectrum than the general population.
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Let me reserve my say. But this i will say.....sometimes , in moments of extreme emotion, when that kiwaruu is way up your throat, watching that casket go down, you just cant hold those hot tears. You cant.


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It is healthy...maybe he shed little tears as a child so the guy is just compensating. Some of us have dry eye sockets..all tears shed.
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