Guarana Look alike ~ PIN HOLE CAMERA ALERT

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Village Chief
Yesterday I was deep inside Murang'a county a place called Kimorori with some guyz and decided to pop into one of those ocha like pubs that are run down to drink some alcohol before getting back to civilization. There were some ladies in the entourage and naturally they ordered for Guarana, but on careful examination, this is what was on offer. I think the pub was being used as a pilot program to gauge the receptiveness or how easy it can be to fool Kenyans into taking what they think is Guarana, we clearly ordered for Guarana and they brought us this imitation. So during Easter, be on the look out, when one is high, the waiter can easily swap the genuine Guarana with this and you carry on drinking bila kujua GAUARANA.jpg GUARANA2.jpg GUARANA3.jpg GUARANA4.jpg GUARANA5.jpg GUARANA6.jpg GUARANA8.jpg




Guarana is a plant which is an ingredient in a lot of stuff...There's even guarana tea. Maybe one of the ingredients in that drink is guarana hence the label..
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