Guess who? The prodigal son returns.

Hii ni propaganda ya upuuussss !!!!!!!!!!!! that photo is from 2016


10.06.16 <-------------------------------------------
by Siri Writer

Once Sub-Sahara’s most successful economy, Kenya will have to ask itself a long-avoided question: What kind of Kenya should really exist? When President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy talked about restoring Kenya’s growth rate to a single digit, they in effect were confessing to a canonized 21st–century vision of using state resources to command respect. Today, a number Cabinet Secretaries are riddled with corrupt deals while they still fly the national flag on their official vehicles.

Source: State House Kenya via flickr
Whether Kenya re-emerges as a great economy may well be determined by Raila’s Cord campaign to revive its smart side. Kenya’s humiliating reliance on agriculture is like Noah’s Ark; all our ideas of survival and hope are pinned on it. That said, what portends of UhuRutto administration for all its inefficiencies? The following are sure recipes that would guarantee Jubilee’s onward dispatch to Limbo:
  • CORD: If Raila Odinga opts to change tact for real, he should reveal all that he knows about Rutto’s fixation claim. He will surely have the DP on his camp, come 2017.
  • Marriage of Convenience: It is an open secret that president Uhuru Kenyatta and his tribesmen are willing to tolerate Rutto’s presence as long as the Rift Valley voting basket remains theirs to keep. However, the moment Uhuru decides to accommodate a clique of sycophants around him; Rutto will be out and running-and with it, the Rift Valley vote.
  • Lost: Already, the teacher’s vote is lost and lost for good. Civil servants in various counties are receiving their monthly dues late-discontent is building up inside-its lead will catapult in 2017
  • Impunity: Shameless legislators keep on whetting their appetite with hefty allowances and retirement benefits for themselves while the state says it has no enough money to pay teachers. Tension keep mounting
  • Brain-drain: Exodus of professionals wanting to go to other countries is overwhelming foreign embassies in Nairobi. Brain drain-you may call it. You only need to see the queue at the US embassy in order to appreciate the weight of this issue. You bet none of those in the queue will be wearing a smile; it is prayers and more prayers because for one, securing a visa to the US for instance, is harder than trying to walk to heaven on foot. Phew! What kind of Kenya should really exist?
  • Raila Amolo Odinga: He should and must change tack. Odinga’s onslaught against Jubilee ought to be realistic and to the point. He should avoid the old jargon of kitendawili, ng’ev ng’ev or such other quips. Kenyans, lay and elites alike would really want to know what actually transpired to warrant the government to run broke.
  • The ICC Factor: If Raila and indeed anyone within the CORD fraternity can help to proof that the DP was actually fixed by his boss, then that would be a big plus to CORD-come 2017 political realignments.

Accepting this need and admitting that it requires joint action and responsibility from CORD; Raila Odinga would be going against the grain but in the direction of sense and sensibility. This and a vanquished Jubilee-on its way to political Limbo!


Village Elder
There are no permanent enemies in politics, soon atatafutiwa mahali and will shaft you and me mercilessly.
@gashwin and @Dunya, this is the type of discourse I was asking you to propagate on these forums and not just tyrannical bullshit. The political class will shaft us right and centre because we allow them to do so. Today, Kenya is being hailed as Africa's supreme democracy but in reality it's a false dawn. The current government will reverse the gains achieved so far in response to a supreme court ruling. You and I should be worried of a jubilee majority in both houses because it only means that we will receive a good dicking particularly because the corruption high priest wants to ascend to power in 2022. We need systems that are independent from the political system. I have lived in countries where the jobless are entitled to unemployment allowance and have access to numerous job creation forums. I have lived in countries where health services are completely free, in countries where the disabled receive a disability allowance and social care services are provided to the elderly. There is a lot that the government can do to make the corrupt system untenable; at least at the handouts level. That is why I called you out for saying "54% believe corruption is a non-issue and trust that Uhuru would eliminate it"

I don't know if this photo is genuine, but it would be no surprise if he came back for a second helping. Even if he doesn't, someone else in the political class will. It has been done by numerous others anyway. This is not good, it has never been. That is why I'll get back to making money from tomorrow and only spend time on these forums before and during the next elections. In the meantime, for me, UOTP!

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Village Chief
hehehe hata kama ni old photo, Isaac Ruto will likely want to eat where he was shitting during the campaigns. Amegundua post ya NASA CS ni kama haitakuwa even after round 2 elections.

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