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Hello ktalkers, i recently got help from a great ktalker called GURU in getting my logbook from kra, and i thank her for that... Now am thinking of getting another car from japan, and there was this GUY in *** who used to help guys in car import, dont know if he's around, but ill throw this one here, i want to bring a unit from SBTjapan, what do i look out for, and how do i know a good unit from a bad one. to be sure of the YEAR OF REGISTRATION AND YEAR OF MANUFACTURING. (so as not to have issues with KRA) to know engine and gearbox are ok from just the pictures and the AUCTION SHEET.

The following are the units am looking at:- thanks for your help. Screenshots_2015-04-20-17-50-31.png Screenshots_2015-04-20-17-49-59.png Screenshots_2015-04-20-17-50-31.png Screenshots_2015-04-20-17-49-59.png Screenshots_2015-04-20-17-48-59.png



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they actually want to change the rules to allow only vehicles which are 5 years and below which will be a blow to second hand cars...magari zimejaa sana kenya is their argument.Exporting from Dubai is just time the last month before expiry period and you end up buying a less mileage vehicle at throw away...sasa lazima ujue watu pale port mombasa
@Druntech I can tell you one thing for free. Hizo gari ziko na picha mbili wachana nazo ziko na shida kubwa kama a huge dent and almost always will not have a radio.

Again kwanza hizo ziko na picha mbili na ziko kwa garage ama some form of house....WACHANA NAZO COMPLETELY....That is not the actual photo of the actual car.

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa


While on this topic. I saw somewhere on Facebook a guy who helps you import vintage vehicles. Illegal?
Not necessarily. Import to Ug, tow your jalopy there, change the 'meat' of it while retaining the old chassis. Then drive back to Kenya. :)
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