Guys Help here !!


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I have seen some useful information on different businesses here. Actually I like the way you guys tackle ideas from all sides from all sides.

My business is in recycling industry. I buy newspapers & office waste both in small quantities & bulk. But for the last 2 years business is not good since people are not reading newspapers since Covid-19 came

I know some companies have them but convincing them to sell inakuwa issue sometimes.
I have another way but it's importing from S. A which naogopa taxman bandits.

Guys rusheni Maneno kadhaa hapa


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There could be enough waste papers in Kenya, shinda ni network ya kujua exactly where they are
Actually some wanachoma because they don't know where to take. Also some institutions are going digital ditching newspapers if I get hold of them am happy man
nimewahi fungiwa makalamu na gazeti ya standard ya UK
headline ilikuwa ati "we have finally made covid19 vaccinne" nikashtuka banae nikifikiri ni standard ya kenya
Must it be only newspapers and office waste.alot of schools and colleges around.weka posters kwa mashule esp headmaster's..wape deal ya kubuy in kgs any used stationery...utatoroka mwenyewe with the overwhelming responses.