Guys in their late 30's, 40's and 50's...

31 Unmarried, No Kids, My fortunes changed around 2 years ago when I got my first Job straight at the top, sitting with directors. Well, that was after being broke and jobless for almost 5 years since graduation.
I Intend to marry at 33 and get all my offsprings before 40.
I think there is no formulae for living, life just happens, I rem at 27 years i was broke, homeless crushing in friends couches, while my friends had their lives figured out- Cars, families..
Now, at 31 I finally got my breakthrough, well furnished apartment in upmarket estate, plots, village mansion coming up.
In conclusion Just do your best.
I honestly love reading stuff like this, some underdog just coming from the bottom and making something of themselves, every superhero movie or book follows this trajectory, keep working at it, hata mimi niko hapa nang’ang’ana hopefully it works out for me like it has for you. Cheers


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Being 26, every once in a while I like to sit down nisikie what my elders have to say about life ; so men in their late 30's, 40's and 50's, what do you wish you would have done, or not done, or done differently when you were a bit younger? Saidieni na advice I'm trying to navigate life and I don't want to assume I know everything. @Jimjones Tangu useme mercedes C class ni ya kununulia bibi afanyie shopping I'm eager to hear from you.
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Being 26, every once in a while I like to sit down nisikie what my elders have to say about life ; so men in their late 30's, 40's and 50's, what do you wish you would have done, or not done, or done differently when you were a bit younger? Saidieni na advice I'm trying to navigate life and I don't want to assume I know everything. @Jimjones Tangu useme mercedes C class ni ya kununulia bibi afanyie shopping I'm eager to hear from you.
(1) Don’t rush to marry. A man doesn’t age and the beautiful ones are not yet born.
(2) Take care of your health. You can screw around as much as you want, but always be safe.
(3) Learn something and become an expert in it.
(4) Build good and meaningful professional and social relationships. It is people who will be your business partners, will give you a job lead, contribute to your wedding, and introduce you to your wife. Get as large a network of useful people as you can.
(5) Volunteer and be of service for the less fortunate
(6) Do everything (including lanyes) in moderation
(7) Drink one beer less than you feel like it
(8) Respect women
(9) Learn to save and invest
(10) Be spiritual (not religious) through your own relationship with your God
I'm 31. What I learnt so far :

- don't over invest in women. Invest the least possible and avoid trying to impress bitches. I bought my ex wife a car which she ended up crashing. After the divorce I regretted ever investing so much into her. I should have bought her the cheapest car out there instead of a newly imported car. Blew 750k on it. One of the worst mistakes of my life.
- hit the gym 4 times a week and get your body to be lean (have atleast a 4 pack). Avoid kitmabi at all costs. Watch what you eat. DONT BE A FAT LOOSER WHO USES HIS WALLET TO GET WOMEN.
- Make as much money as possible so you don't have to take crap from anyone. Save as much as possible.
- Make strategic friendship with people who add value. Not random dudes who want to drink every weekend.
- if you must drink, do it once a week.
- always have 3 women on rotation. Avoid marriage as much as possible. There is no benefit to a man (I'm divorced at 31 years). I'll never marry again. It's a waste of time and resources.
- Own the best things in life (cars, phones etc) and be selfish as much as possible. People out here don't give a f**k about you. They only want their self interests.
- Travel as much as possible. Memories are things no one can ever take away from you.
- don't have many kids. Children will drain your financial muscle.
I agree with most things here, except a small correction on the last one... have kids that you can comfortably give the best life...number not necessarily small..
I'm almost turning 30, but here is what I've learned in my short life:

1. Always analyze things before you take advice. 90% of advice people tell are based on projections. Learn how to differentiate between good advice and projections.

2. You're a product of your environment. It's very important that you analyze your perspective based on your environment and look at how you can improve it. For instance, if you grew up in Kenya, you would think it's "normal" to throw trash everywhere or have hawkers infesting everywhere -- until you travel outside Africa.

Ama kudhani gari ni kitu kubwa juu ume-grow up environment kuna poverty. Or thinking that you don't deserve to live in the leafy suburbs -- ati huko ni kwa wadosi.

3. Avoid scarcity mentality if you want to make it. Also, avoid people who whine and complain all the time -- venye maisha ni ngumu, hakuna pesa, serikali saidia etc.

4. Becoming rich is tedious process that most people don't have the patience to endure. Yes, you can become rich overnight if you're luck or you do shady business. But making good money the legit way is a tedious process that requires a lot of patience and strategy.

5. If you come from a poor or middle-class family, you have a lot of things to unlearn -- especially if you were not taught about wealth creation and management.

6. Read a lot of books, get a passport and travel the world every chance you get. Make sure to read one or two books every month that will challenge your perspective. Traveling is not that expensive as most people think.

Enough said!
you have spoken my mind elder... on 2, 3 , 5.... your up-bringing molds you... those from poor and low income backgrounds have a lot to "un learn" , esp on Money ... we grew thinking money was something to be stashed for the bad days, coz we were afraid if we spend it we slide back to poverty... this can mess up investment and risk worthy ventures that people from rich backgrounds easily take.

Am in mid 30s, but the last 5 years have been spent un-learning so much bullshit.
You can still start a family. Age is just but a number.
Bro I've seen my dad pay fees for several kids. These guys have ended up being closer to me than my biological brothers. Giving this way expands your family and safeguards your offsprings in ways money can't.
These "brothers" are more loyal to my dad today after retirement than his biological sons. They will also step in protect any of us in case of anything and are always ready to help. All it needed was just secondary and college fees (alot of money but can't be compared to lifelong brotherhood).
1. Do not be in a hurry to marry. Women are selfish and shallow in nature do not be angry or bitter at them for being who they are. They also do not understand or care about the struggles that you face as a man.
2. Learn how to create wealth, start budgeting your money,you will be surprised that if you know essential from non-essential spending you can live on 40% or less of your salary. I would recommend centonomy or similar programs.
3. When you are having tough times in your life don't rush to your wife or girlfriend, their hypergamy will kick in and they will move to your friends or someone doing better.Go to your father or male relative that is doing well and ask for advice.
4. Enroll in a gym and move around more at every opportunity.If you have errands to run within your neighborhood leave your car behind and walk. Also weight management is about calories, don't cut out junk food, just manage the number of meals you eat per day and quantity per meal.Do not reward yourself with food instead shop for clothes or go on holiday.
5. Forgive your parents, they can never be perfect but they tried their best.
6. Have a mentor, boss, relative, friend who keeps you accountable.i.e. yuko blunt and will tell you as it is when you screw up.
7.Love your career to death and be passionate about it. train, do research and read around it.
8.As someone has said buy yourself the best when you achieve financial breakthroughs. Buy a nice phone, go for a holiday.
9.Your wife or girlfriend is not your relative, spend money sparingly on them and spend more on yourself and kids.
10. If you get children, build a relationship with them.i.e. being there for them and affirming them when they do well plus correcting them when they stray. You cannot manipulate your kids to love you or build a relationship with you to old age because you spend money on them, yet you do not spend time with them.
11. Take time to enjoy life, if you go for lanyes, drink, party- do it sparingly. Otherwise you will start taking mobile loans mid month, and pay for it heavily when your money comes.
12. Be obsessed with building another source of income.
13. If you are a Christian Understand God and religion through your eyes, not through your experience with your parents or errand churches.
14. Learn how to dress well, it communicates a lot about you, a careless person or a person who values himself-Smell good and avoid axe cologne, start with eau de toilette brands like Davidoff then move to parfums when you accumulate more. Have different shades of official shoes, sneakers and loafers.Buy a suit for occasions.
15. Be valuable person to the world. Volunteer, contribute once in a while to charity and mentor someone who is coming up.
16. As a popular twitter guy said. Do not despise a fellow man who has torn clothes, worn out shoes or is unkempt as he is working hard to come up, he is undergoing his test in life as a man.
17. A man who lives in fear and complains about everyone and everything needs to see a psychiatrist.
No offence but there's nothing earth shattering about your list