18+ GUYS! What is the shortest time you took to bust a NUT on your chick/lanye and how did it happen?


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Hii forum hukuwa imejaa watu wa kujichocha sana. Mimi nishawahi cum in one or two minutes and I wasn't even ashamed of it. Round ya pili kilieleweka. Nikifuck any bitch for the first time lazima round ya kwanza ikuje haraka. Lucky for me I am a 2-3 rounds man na hizo ndizo championship rounds :D
Kikuyu na 2-3 rounds...i smell bullshit


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I went to eastleigh sometimes last year kula dinner nikaamua kupigia one of my somali friends simu ..akanishow ako wedding nearby nikuje..nilipatana na one of these somali girls from Europe hao hawana shyness kama wa huku..she was so hot with soft big asss..kalianza kunitease manze nikamwingiza kidole kwa kuma .. nikamshow twende one of the guest house nearby akakubali..I was so shocked manze kupewa body mofaya kama hiyo ..my first shot nilimwaga before 1min:D
I had to say I lost my grandpa that day nilikuwa stressed :D
But kalielewa ..shot ya pili nilitomba 7 mins mpaka akanishow nimwage tu..never forgot her name.
zangu zilifuatana 1x2 akaniambia she understands its new pu**y but sex for her is about cumming tukalala... 7:am nilimuamsha kujiredeem bana ilibidi atafute ice cubes to cool down temperatures..
You k ow watu wanachocha.. I have oncelasted 15 seconds on one hot afternoon. But watu kusema ati 30 min is the shortest, hiyo ni uongo. Labda they have never eaten a lanye. I have always been left with blue balls after lanye refusing kuendelea after I passed the 10 minutes mark unless I add another 200. Part of the reason I opt to stick with my wife (new) now.
Ohohohohooooo dude una nyota ya jogoo wewe. Watu tunaenda 50minutes unashangaa 30minutes.


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My very first time, it was like 5 seconds. I was excited like fvck. She removed her clothes and I removed mine. Didn't even know where that thing was located. Upon being directed, I felt my soul leave my body instantly. Lay there like a fool for the next five minutes silently. However she understood. After the packed dinner, I hit three memorable rounds mpaka chee that she has never forgotten. She kept coming for more until we both moved to different towns and haven't met for 19 years.
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