18+ GUYS! What is the shortest time you took to bust a NUT on your chick/lanye and how did it happen?


Senior Villager
Back in campus while in second year, nilikatia 4th year flani kijokes aka ingia box. While in tao one day kadate nikajoke we get a room we "rest" na akakubali. Kuingia kurelax kwa bed, romance kiasi tukavua nguo.
Alianza kunipea hand job. Kidogo, like after just three rubs I was pouring all over her thighs, karibu jug mzima.
I tried begging for a redeeming round but akadress up dissappointed saying "umebarikiwa na mungu na hujui kuitumia"
Fortunately the next sem akigraduate I stepped in and assisted her to get her graduation gown. Then my friends, is when I redeemed myself that night when she spent in my room. I bet she must have dozed off during the graduation ceremony the day after..... .