H1: There is an insignificant difference in attributes between Ktalk villagers and the Kenyan Public

The world as we know it in this village passed me by, and therefore i have had to wade through threads and see what i missed.

I use 'wade' purposely; shitty ewwy stuff got me thinking its some burst sewer

The result is me wondering whats wrong with us. Why are we this mediocre both as a village and country?

This country is devoid of brilliance. Average human beings, doing average things and applauding micro steps.

Some basic girl posts basic legs with scrawny thighs by my standards then a battalion of foolheads applaud like its 00:01 1st jan 2018.

Needless to say, i later saw a toyota car key, and chinese made padlock (not even Viro?) puhliiiiiz

And this isnt the first time, people keep on applauding basic chics here. Some shows dark chest with breasts zimefinywa and suddenly a standing ovation. I am like, LAAAAAAAAAAAWD WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??????

Maybe I am over reacting. Maybe it is that traffic police ..but you guys need to raise your standards. Matteroffact, all kenyans.
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Did you expect one...considering we're KENYA talk.

Ps. I haven't read the thread just the title. Na usijaribu kunitusi bingwa I'm in a good mood.
And it has just hit me that besides contributing very basic pictures of stupid and kindergarten-grade, this village has no memory of your existence.

You are a majengo prostitute's thready faded panty; none of their clients would remember their color or design
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