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Habits of True Crime Junkies

So today on ID plus Super fans community we were discussing how being addicted to True Crime, binge watching ID has affected our lives and our significant others. Most people said that their partners thought that they were going to be killed because of how obsessed their partner is with crime.

For me, I have a weapon in my office. If I am not on a busy road especially after dark, I always check my rear view mirror to see if anyone is trailing me. I never let go of a child's hand in any public place. I always lock all doors if a child is around. I freak out when I am alone with a man in a stairwell or a lift or a parking lot. Weirdest of all I love falling asleep to the Minds of ma podcasts. I love his voice and the dramatic sound effects of the show.
Here is a post by a Kenyan in the ID super fans community


Hi am from kenya...this week a boy aged 22 yrs killed 5 of his family members n drive cops to where he hid evidence n clothes he wore on that fateful day....guys really shocked n am tempted to give cops more suggestions on how to handle the case....too much ID
Side effects of binge watching ID shows

Does anyone else think it's a dead body when you see a trash bag on the side of the road while driving? Me... every.single.time.
If you ever marry a true crime junkie this is what you can expect.

You ever stay up to late because the ID show your watching is so good, then you turn on another to go to sleep to but then that ones too good so you stay up another hour
Everyone you meet is a suspect...

Hi Guys..Share my short story...Meet a guy for the first Time..guy looked as a good person..but while his doing conversation to me..my mine is thinking What if this Man is A Serial Killer? I barely understand what he said to me...in the long Run..now we are good friend and i told him that the first time we meet Im thinking on him as A serial Killer....He told me..thats what you Get in Watching ID all the time!#addictedtoID.
See I'm not the only one who uses true crime shows as a lullaby.

So glad to be a member of this group. Anyone else find the forensic files voice over soothing that you need to hear it to sleep? Lol my husband just don’t get it

His voice sure is soothing.

Not as soothing as the baritone in this clip from minds of madness. Puts me out like a light

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Do we have Kenyans in this group? That family that was killed in kiambaa area would make an episode of Blood Relatives. I really hope the DCI does not mess this investigation.
What happened? - on Wednesday 6th Jan 4 family members and their farm hand were found dead. They were a man, his wife and their two children aged less that 14 years. The main suspect is their first born son who is 22 years. The father was stabbed 34times , the others were stabbed once.