Had to happen to me, Didn`t it?- Sometimes You have to laugh or you`ll cry

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Yestarday morning found me waking up in a strange house.
Okay,it wasn`t a stranger`s house But it was one of those days you get up in a different environment and for about 5 long seconds your mind goes blank and you have to quickly remind yourself how you got there.
Thankfully i remembered that my Buddy had invited me back to this place he had just bought and we had spent the previous night in some pub before going back to see this new place.
My friend is into construction so he buys old dilapidated houses on the cheap, renovates them and then sells them for a tidy profit. He calls it "flipping" and makes it look like easy money and i suppose it is if you have the skills to do it.He is also divorced like me so he stays in this "construction sites" as he does them up.
Anyway he had to leave earlier than me so he showed me how to lock the door when i was ready to leave and most importantly, i remember him telling me that the door to the bathroom is broken and that i should leave it ajar while i use the bathroom juu if i lock it,i cannot open it from the inside.
Its around 7.30 in the morning when i get up and as per kawaa, i need the toilet,a quick shower etc. before heading to my job for 9 am.
I have a borrowed towel and a toothbrush as i walk into the bathroom and as i unconciously close the door to the bathroom nikakumbuka FAQ IT!!!!!! ,`im not supposed to that!......
The number one rule in situations like this is Don`t panic. Rule number 2; Think!

Nikaendelea kuoga like nothing has happened and all these time fighting the Panic and fear of being locked up in a bathroom and at the same time trying to THINK of how i am going to get out.
After kuoga nikaanza kuchokora the door with anything and everything that i could see in the bathroom including my toothbrush lakini bilaz!
I realise that i have my phone in my trouser pocket and although i know this guy switches his phone off when he goes to his morning job i unsuccesfully phoned him and left messages just incase he looked at his phone.
Next nikapigia my job nikasema i am "caught up" and i might be late.
One and a half hours go by and i am hoping that my buddy looks at his phone and calls me back and by now i have been on google and youtube trying to study the mechanical working of a door handle in a bid to getting myself out. Nikasoma mpaka gazeti of all types that were in that bathroom and finally i get a moment of Euraka after i see something that can actually un-screw the handle.
It must now be atleast 2 hours since i got into that bathroom but Kuna Nuru Gizani seeing that i can now get to the thing in the lock after dismantling the whole lock. I gently use my toothbrush and just like that;I am Free!!
It was funny getting to where i had to make my deliveries 3 hours late and Nobody believed my story!..
One guy actually Laughed Out Loud and told me ..." Aaahhh....,Nice one son,i will remember to use that one next time i`m late for work"..... So frustrating!



But i Enjoyed reading this Naughty newspaper.....



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I have the same habit myself ya kusomea gazeti kwa choo. Siyo kama tissue....hehehehehe..
nice one.
I can't sit on the throne without some reading material. I feel time sitting there staring at walls or a white ceiling is wasted since there is not usefulness in what am depositing. nikikuta mags zangu zimeondolewa narudia novel...
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