Haile Selassie: Mfalme aliyeuawa na kutupwa chooni

Ni kweli kwamba aliposafiri Mfalme Selassie, hadi Jamaica, alipofika Jamaica, ambapo hakuwa hata tone wa mvua kwa miaka mitatu, kukanyesha kweli kweli. Wazungu weusi tafuta mabawabu wenu kwa ajili ya tafsiri. Mwanake ni kiumbe pekee kilicho ishi kukutana na shetani ana kwa ana pale Edeni.

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Its good to learn about other people esp those you share a phenotype with , their religion and beliefs. Ignorance isnt bliss. Many Kenyans inclduing myself cant tell you what happened in Kenya two generations back let alone in another country. To me Ethiopia's ability to evade colonialisation is remarkable when large countries like India couldnt resist. Being ignorant of African history isnt enlightement its mental slavery . Why do Africans feel elite for speaking English and other european dialects yet they dont value their mother tongues and african languages? I love how Nigerians,Tanzanians,Ugandans, South Africans are proud of themselves - their culture,clothes, languages and even accents - Kenyans have low self esteem in this area -is why if you speak sheng or swahili you're ostracised as being low class - poverty mentality I guess - In South Africa - blacks -wealthy or poor dont have Dutch accent to show that theyre elite. Thats mental slavery. Thats an inferiority complex. And because in campus I studied with all different African countrymen and women is when I realised Kenyans look down on their African -ness . In my honest opinion in africa Kenyans have lowest African esteem. A German or an Italian will never speak English before their own language because they understand that language is an identity and over identification with other people's languages and history makes you inferior to them . In Malindi most Italians who know English wont speak it, they will even rather speak Swahili because they feel its a betrayal to speak another european language and eventually locals have had to learn Italian - its a means of dominance. Some people there dont know English well but speak impeccable French,German and other European languages which btw are self taught bcz most people drop out of school very early. One day I met a Jamaican rastafarian it was actually at Shela beach-near Lamu and I asked him about his beliefs, I saw an opportunity to learn something. He is the one who told me that story of the rain after 3 years in Jamaica after Selassie touched down at Kingston. He told me they worship Haile Selassie as their god and I said why and he told me. I had an Eriterian roomate in campus, they dont like talking about Haile Sellasie they like Mengistu Haile Mariam more. Ethiopians have no colonialism language like Mozambique and Portuguese or Kenya and English. You will never hear their president ati because he is meeting Trump he takes on an american accent - thats a slavery mentality. He just speaks with his Ethiopian accent because he aint American he is Ethiopian.Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. You know about Nostradamus but nothing about African empires and kings.

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