A man has to buy an expensive ring and go down on one knee in order to propose to a woman who has the right to refuse him.. This is pu**y worship at its finest.

Marriage requires more sacrifice from the man, than the woman, with the only benefit being assured that your kids are yours... :D:D:D.. Then later on you find out that they were never yours..

Marriage is surrender for the man and victory for the woman.. For this reason, no man should marry as there are no benefits to derive from such a union.

Preserve your freedom at all costs. MGTOW


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What will replace marriage? coz this thing is outdated....
It is up to our generation to try alternative living arrangements. What I want to try is kuzalisha tu without marrying. Alafu mkae in separate houses but within walking distance of each other. Visit each other regularly, like 5 days out of the week, but pia mkuwe na hiyo breathing space whenever necessary. Remember our ancestors used to do something similar where they had the husband in the main boma, but the wife/wives in separate bomas nearby.
These incel MGTOW fellows are one millimetre away from a sex-change operation so they they can become that which they envy and resent so deeply. :D

On Ktalk they make it appear as though their fad is a global revolution, but it is a very marginal, fringe movement in the USA's ever confused social fabric.


In Kenya, do not expect them to be above 0.000005% of the male population, outnumbered by practising lesbians.
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