Hakuna pesa Kenya



Most civil servants do not depend on salaries for survival coz it's mostly offset their bank loans.
Side deals aka corruption itakuwa ngumu kuisha hii Kenya.
The inefficiencies brought about by those staff as they try to extort money for the file to be found is out of this world.Many people have lost opportunities due to avoidable delays in govt offices.Me think we lose lot of money too coz of that


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Na mbona jana kuna c servants walinilipa rent?
Kuna traffuck commandant aliulizwa na npsc how he has accumulated 20 m and managed to send another woman not his wife close to half a million via mpesa in a few months and the guy said ( with a face straight than an arrow ) that it was nothing short of the Lord's doing.
That should answer your question
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Kenya hakuna pesa,the government is broke and other short stories.


I think we should look for a few of these filthy rich folks and see if they can give a grant to the government so that county workers can be paid their salary arrears. I mean if you can one afford a 40 million car in a broke country you can afford anything in this world.:D:D
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