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Handshake couple beaten in Mathare

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Two young men in Mathare’s area 4 slums are nursing injuries after they were allegedly attacked by a mob who claimed that they were g**.

Fredrick Odhiambo popularly known as Batata and John Muthoni say that on 1st this month at around 7pm while in Mathare a group of boys approached them and asked them to enter a house.
“It was 1st of January, they then ordered us to sit down, then told and demanded that we tell them if we will stop practicing gayism or not,” said Batata.

“Before we knew it, they were hitting us with broken bottles, stabbing us and reigning blows on us,” he narrates.

John Muthoni says that he currently cannot walk in Mathare because of the label of gayism placed on him by the residents.

“I am not happy with what happened, I cannot walk in Mathare, they are calling me g** and asking me where my husband Batata is,: said Muthoni.

“Even when i am with my wife, they ask me a lot of questions. if i had the opportunity, I would leave,” he sated.

The two have however denied the claims saying that they are just friends who once shared a cell in jail.
Source: https://ghettoradio.co.ke/two-young-men-attacked-in-mathare-accused-of-being-g**/
Kuna ishu moja ilitokea huku Tz. Tz mapenzi ya jinsia moja ni illegal..

Now kuna shoga alikamatwa na akafikishwa mahakamani. A judge went 'Unashtakiwa kwa kosa la kujihusisha na mapenzi ya jinsia moja, mshtakiwa una la kujitetea?'

Akajibu 'Ndiyo, mheshimiwa hakimu mi naomba mahakama yako iniachie huru, mimi sikujua kama mkundu wangu ni mali ya serikali'