Happening in Ruai right now!!


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On TV, such stakeouts/holdups are full of slow motion excitement, tonnes of bullets, a seamless yellow and black crime scene demarcation tape, accompanied by an ethnically appropriate soundtrack choice pumping in the background (like teren teren).
In Kenya this crime scene does little to inspire confidence beyond it looking like a run of the mill rural “stage ya mwisho” huko mashinani.....:D:D:D


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Hehehe yaani thugs are holed up somewhere na Kenyans are allowed to crowd around.
Btw I have noted something, in the mid 1990s -mid 2000s we used to have so many armed robberies huko Muranga/river road....what happened?we used to have atleast one shoot out every week


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I was wondering the same. How on earth can they linger around in such a dangerous situation? The same guys will protest police brutality.
Really? I didn't want to bring this up but anyways, I thought shiny eyes are supporting police brutality this time round and I am 99.9% sure that the thugs and the people out there observing are shiny eyes.