Happy Birthday

@admin on Auguat 27 2017,it will be exactly three years since you started kujiongelesha In the very first thread of KTalk.
And true to form,you dated the thread February 28,2017. But on clicking the thread,the date changes mysteriously to August 27,2017. Your confusion,intentional or otherwise is not the subject here. I have always had an inkling that there was a shortwire somewhere in there...
My question is,what are your plans to celebrate Ktalk's 3rd anniversary. If you have any?
I would suggest that you stop being dog in the manger and give us a triple X forum as a token of appreciation for being faithful shittyzens of this 'country' of yours that you rule with a few characters who you have given the highly vaulted title of moderators. In the meantime,I will get this guy strumming this guitar as I wait for you to come down from the ivory tower and mingle with us mortals. Ni hayo two kwa sasa...

Yes a permanent location for safisha mecho content is vital. especially when threads are not appealing one can have somewhere to cleanse eyes
Yaani those days you could post as guest. naona uwesmake kwa thread zingine ka guest. Na post za @aviator na hao hapo juu sizipatagi. would like to know what all the fuss is about with these characters wautajwa hapa kama legends