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I sure she doesn't manage her social media accounts but has hired horny emotional feminists like @TrumanCapote
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LOL. Women are not like men who think about sex 24'7 stop projecting horniness on women. In the first place women libido is a lot lower than men's and declines with age scientific facts not emotional outbursts like what you are used to posting, 90% of women do not get orgasms as a result of sexual intercourse with men and that's why men always are the ones complaining of being denied sex by wives not the other way around. Women in committed relationships in a research said to them sex is a chore like cleaning the toilet . What is the point of women having sex if men cannot even give them orgasms? No wonder women are now turning to other women who are making themselves manly bcz wanaume hawatoshi mboga women must sort themselves out literally. If women need d*ck soo much why is it men paying to have sex with women the world over since time in memorial and not the other way around? Even male prostitutes like Kimakia sell sex to other not to women. Women who pay for escorts and they're very few of them pay for the company not the sex bcz they can get the sex anywea if it's sex they want.

Wacha leo tuongee ukweli. Don't become emotional just the facts from empirical research OK? I was watching a couple where a married woman said in the 32 years she had been having sex with her husband she had never had a single orgasm. So kupigwa miti means nothing to women, it's false advertising. The couple then were taken to a sexologist and in 5 minutes the women had multiple orgasms. And it wasn't rocket science or magic. So keeping on singing sex, horniness, miti, is just men projecting their obsession with sex. For women sex is a means to an end especially considering the substandard quality of sex men give. A woman does not need a penis to have an orgasm, I think we all know why. I don't need to embellish. Sex as we know it in male female relationships is a service women offer men, no more, no less, don't get it twisted.

As for being emotional. I come from a community where emotions running high is the order of the day. So being emotional is considered normal and even normal. There is an adage in my mother tongue that says it's not emotions it's fearlessness. It's usually said after you have slashed someone with a panga in a fit of emotions. So yes I am emotional and very proud of it too.

As for feminist, the right title is Femanazi. I wear it like a badge of honor. Very proud. Iko swali?
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