has any one Dated a single mother?

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i seem to be having a thing for single mums and thinking of asking one out on a date, what are the pros and cons of dating one?


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i think they are the best people to go out with as for me..juu ako na priority na mtoi wake hatakusumbua sana..but sasa shida ni aanze kukuambia mambo za fees na shida za mtoi so early into the relationship..otherwise hawananga wow wow


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theres one am with now she never asks questions when i show up we hang out n just do things..lakini sio dry fry boss cd lazima..


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everyone is different boss,look at what you want and what she wants and reason out there are pros and cons depending on situation some are single moms without a choice,others ni choice while others ni behaviour .
1. Where is the baby daddy?
2. Uko na mtoto huko nje?
3. Was she raised by a single mother?
4. Are you just looking to have fun ama you are serious?

I am tempted to tell you to run nigga, really tempted....

@Ice_Cube what happened bana?


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@Ice_Cube from my observation you have dated every imaginable woman and not even one stuck to date bado unatafta.

So far how many women have you dated a 1000 ?

haha not really every single imaginable woman but its quite a list, at one time in high school I had four concurrent girlfriends and it was hectic that is why naweza sema punda amechoka the next time I will date nitaoa

NB: Seriously dating will not make such a long list, but casual encounters may be numerous
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