Hasheem Thabeet....(ADVISORY: Language Alert KISWAHILI)

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There was a post here jana about some kid being drafted to the NBA and then someone talked about Hasheem..and where he is and all well since you asked

there is an interview he did with a popular TZ talk Show called Mkasi...( he lament that people always talk bad about him but when you ask then what team he is playing for hawajui hata) so dont be that guy


he's currently with the Oklahoma City....though most peeps dont know such teams exist


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Hasheem is currently playing in the D league. he seems to lack motivation and is mostly interested in side issues. Apparently already has several children with different women


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motivation these days iliisha kabisaa compared to when he started. pesa, wanawake na starehe kamchanganya akili ! infact ile ngoma ya ali-kiba "mwana" should be dedicated to him.
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But it's not easy to stay on top form for more than 4 years in the top flight leagues..these youngings don't have the discipline and drive of the older generation...and being a Tanzanian Lazma pia yeye alikuwa laid back ...
But listen to his interview...it was not easy for him being taken to US at the age of 16 and having to start life over afresh and the struggle to make it to the NBA
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