Hasla to build 100 dams in 5yrs to reduce bei ya unga


Chief village rustler
Hii niko na Jambaz mzito Arror. Vile mdau amesema hapo juu watumie NYS, Ministry of Public works, KDF engineering battalion; who all have the capacity and capability to undertake midium sized dams kwanza kwa arid and semi arid areas. Might as well utilize their expertise, skillful manpower and equipment.
Rustler nilikuwa na projection of a midlife maintenance on my dam/water pan kwa ranch within next 2yrs. Sasa with this project ya serikal, equipment ingie ground, naona nikifanya io midlife refit na kuchimba a second one ; with the same budget I would used to do just maintenance with a private contractor.


Village Chief
NYS are trained and have the machineries to do that work. It will be wise if we use them.
NYS , properly mobilized , could have built thousands of small Sand Dams in EVERY semi arid community in the country...

For those not familiar with Sand Dams ...

- Dirt Cheap compared to white elephants like Aror Kimwarer Dam.
- Easy to build on existing dry river beds.
- Nil negative environmental impacts.
- Added advantage of recharging the water table and underground Aquifers.



Village Commissioner
100 dams each at 30B that is 3 trillion. Pesa itatoka wapi? Kama tulishindwa na itare, arrorrr, kimwareer in 10yrs, tutaweza 100 dams in 5yrs?
You are so full of toxic negativism kijana. Uhuru alitoa wapi pesa ya kujenga expressways and SGR that barely benefits the common man? Ama alibeba pesa yote na kikapu? Remove your small head from your anus.