Hawa Mayengs Watamalisa Young Sponsor.

"@Young Sponsor, today is my last day on the job, aki give me your number, I'll call you." That's what the young pretty thing that manages the mini-supermarket in my hood told me jana. And to think nimekua nikitaka kula hii mali but naona juu inakaamodel, kuna birrionare mahali anaitafuna. It's either my hard work in gym is paying off amahawa mayeng wamepenga ma@Young Sponsor all a long. Is it just me who's being chased all over town, ama hii ndio life ya mabachelors wameanza kuomoka.
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Don't worry uko karibu kupewa fee structure ya siz yake.... but ukiwa na mwili poa it happens but you can't tell who is genuine or not it will take a while...


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@administrator l propose that some of these characters with fancy titles e.g dryfry artist like @uwesmake just demote him to village elder juu hakuna kitu anaongeza.

The last time @uwesmake posted a thread worthy of being read was in 2017 when he was still humble after his website collapsed dramatically.

He realised he was a nobody on the internet. I think ilimuumiza sana.