He’s 103, She’s 100, and They Just Celebrated 82 Years of Marriage


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Alafu wengine wenu even maintaining a one yr relationship is a struggle.What more would a human ask under this wretched world ?
D.W. and Willie said they remember meeting when cab rides were just 10 cents. Together they have lived through wars, The Depression, and the Civil Rights Era.

But when it comes to keeping their love alive for the better part of a century, they told WSOC-TV that they’re really no big secret.

"Just be nice to each other," they agreed.


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After being together for so long, exchanging fluids, you become one person. Look at the two, everything is the same except the skin colour, and even that must have become 'closer'.................
He had to be doing something to keep him from being senile. I do see my old folks look alike too