He he he he! For Invading Other Countries, Shitheads, and Killing Innocents..........Deep Psychosis!

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Passengers forced open the doors on a busy rush-hour train and climbed on to tracks after becoming "panicked" in the carriage.

It happened outside Wimbledon station in south-west London at 08:30 BST as a man apparently began reading lines aloud from the Bible.

Commuters became scared when the man also began saying "death is not the end", a passenger said.

Rail power lines were cut as passengers "self-evacuated", police said.

Trains on the route were disrupted for nearly 12 hours, but are now running normally.

Ian, who was on the train, said the man's Bible-reading led to a "commotion" and a "crush".

He said someone then asked the man to stop speaking "as he was scaring people" and "the guy stopped and stood there with his head down".

The train had been travelling between Shepperton and London Waterloo. British Transport Police (BTP) said no arrests had been made.

A Network Rail spokesperson said no passengers or train staff were injured but "significant delays" would continue on services in and out of Waterloo.


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Europe is literary scared stiff about the unexpected attack. Right now its good being a criminal or mafia in Europe. The police and spies focus has shifted to embedded terrorist within.


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Such incidences make me see vumbistan is way better in many ways. And peace of mind wherever you go si kutense utapatana na gunman. Threats are still prevalent though.