He is now a Reject. How Times Change.

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Mundu Mulosi

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"Manchester United have been secretly trying to sell 31-year-old striker Robin van Persie since January, according to his former team-mate Pierre van Hooijdonk." Stolen from Carol Radull's FB page.

Since January!!!!

Mr Black

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That's football for you. When you consider all the money at stake in Football you really can't blame the club; they need healthy returns.


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He came in handy when we needed him....31yrs na ma injury anaweza enda unlike falcao who gave us nothing..alikuwa stone....money wasted!


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Big teams with lots of cash to spend like taking advantage of Arsenals financial problems. They also like 2 destroy Arsenal by luring the best of Arsenal players to their teams only to use them and dump them later. Ona for example RVP..a one season man..sasa wanamtupa. Ona Fabregas, uliona how Barca discarded him, Alex song pia..Frm barca to West ham, Look at Nasri..ngonja uone vile Man city will discard him. Na je Sagna..this is the one i pity most..hakuwa anakosa 1st 11 akiwa Arsenal..lakini man ity yuko benched..Ngoja transfer deadline ikienda kufika mwisho akina Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey watanyakuliwa and the only reason is to kill Arsenal juu wanajua sisi ni mambo bad. When RVP as at Arsenal he was the top sorer in the EPL lakini after kutoka yeye ni amateur
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