Heat Waves

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A heat wave is a period of abnormally hot and usually humid weather. Average max temperatures exceed the normal weather conditions of a region. If for instance Kenya's former Central province has an average temperature of 24C, then temperatures of 40C would imply a heat wave is in place.
Heatwaves form when high pressure from about 3000-7600M remains over a region for several days. They are common in summer.

Some effects on health are:
Heat strokes(hyperthermia), ichargiwe mostly affects older adults, very young children and overweight people.
Heat rash- affects heat ducts
Heat edema- swelling of limbs, ankles
Heat cramps- involuntary spasms of large muscle groups.

The European heat wave in 2003 killed 70,000 people.
This week in Pakistan, as of today, more than 700 are dead.
Between April and May this year, a heat wave in India killed more than 2200 people. Temperatures ranged between 45-47C.


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Time ya heat wave hadi stima zinahepa. Watu hukamua stima na air conditioners. But mostly these heat waves happen in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Sisi huku drought na famine ndio husumbua. California state huko US is experiencing drought mbaya lakini states zingine zimekuwa na mvua. Huko hadi water rationing inafanywa. Africans ni survivors.


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The More reason........every time i wake up in the morning....I JUST THANK GOD FOR KENYA WE HAVE AND THE LIFE WE LIVE......MAY THE ALMIGHTY GOD PROTECT OUR NATION.....And i hope we'll all fight to protect our Mother nature......Especially from the Pollution that's being brought about by the Indian Jama's.......Who Literally run from their country , get other country's citizenship especially Britain and Canada.....Go to another country in africa and in the name of investment , erect factories and careless of what they emit in our fresh air and waters.......


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In Pakistani those dying are elderly, sick, children and the homeless. Shida ni ati hakuna stima so ACs are not working, kumaanisha even staying indoors cant help. I saw on BBC swahili the pakistanis buying ice blocks on the streets like "hot cake";)

Where i am its ranging between 40 to 45 degrees. cant stand outside on direct sunlight for more than 20 min. Nahurumia those working outdoors. Waafrika we are tough though na weather ya Kenya ni murwa sana.
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