hehehehehe ....world wakes up to a big surprise from kenya

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Kenyan opposition party treated with a jap from the ruling party.

Mps from Upusition party in a wonderful country called kenya were treated with a newly discovered jap after they were diagnosed with a new thread of political Ebola called "political assassination" . The effect was evident after some of its members were seen moving their lips without any audible words.mr ohuru ojinga was told to keep quite since he is a just a nominated member not elected. ..this led to his eyelids freezing and his lips violently shaking for a minute or two.
.the higly undignified mps left in a hurry when Baba yao stepped in.

The mps were told to bring any other unknown disease and the government will apply the same jap.


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Enda toa lock coz, I think this a clear case of withdrawal symptoms when a guy that was formerly lucid starts speaking in code

Pole sana, tulikupenda, lakini ulipenda fombe zaidi
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