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  1. Jazzman

    Jazzman Village Elder

    One unique feature of this village is the great hekayas that are written. However, if someone missed the hekaya and reads about it later, it becomes difficult to find where it is exactly unless someone bookmarked it or the author gives the link. I think we should have a bulletin board of the greatest hekayas of this village so that when one asks where/which hekaya, it is easy to point out where it is.

  2. sunnymango

    sunnymango Village Elder

    umedunga point,,ata ukajua who posted right now its hard uende kwa profile yake uipate unless ur willing to go through all his replies on all threads,,
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  3. xuma

    xuma Village Elder

    Ushasema kakablaza.
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  4. ngojera

    ngojera Village Elder

    agreed...especially if a hekaya comes as a reply..!!! its ridiculous to pin-point the thread it was posted
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  5. kush yule mnono

    kush yule mnono Village Sponsor

    @Jazzman I support you on this 101%
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  6. Meria Mata

    Meria Mata Village Chief

    Jazzman for mod.
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  7. kawambui

    kawambui Village Elder

    @admin dicktator gerrahia
  8. mkiawakati96

    mkiawakati96 Village Elder

    hapa @admin ako na limited resources, moja yazo ni kusikiza wanakijiji
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  9. biraru

    biraru Village Elder

    mimi hekaya zangu nachapiaga wasee nikiwa majani....sasa how do we index even that ? @Akeelah :p;)
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  10. Jazzman

    Jazzman Village Elder

    Kama ilibamba watu itaongezwa kwa index
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.