Police in Naivasha recovered a stolen vehicle following a 10 minutes high-speed chase on the Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

In a movie like midday drama, the officers from the Naivasha police station were tipped about the theft by the owner Michael Kibe.

The officers, using a car tracking device, located the vehicle at the crime-prone Kayole area and started combing the vast place for clues.

"The security manager from the company that fitted the tracking device was directing us on where the vehicle was located," said Mr Kibe.

As the officers and civilians went about the search, Mr Kibe spotted the vehicle being driven along one of the feeder roads.

"I raised the alarm but the officers were a distance away and could not react in time," added the dazed owner.

On sensing he was being tracked down, the carjacker sped off at a high speed and what followed was a daredevil car chase along the busy highway.

Driving at breakneck speed, the suspect managed to branch off from the main highway, with police in pursuit.

He abandoned the vehicle after a few kilometers and managed to escape through the vast maize plantation in the outskirts of Kayole Estate.

Explaining the sequence of events, Mr. Kibe said his brother who was using the vehicle was carjacked on Thursday night.

"My brother was using the vehicle for commercial purposes and was lured by three men posing as customers," he said.

According to the car owner, the three later drugged his brother and abandoned him at thicket in Nyandarua county before he was rescued and taken to hospital.

Mr Kibe hailed the officers from Naivasha, saying their prompt response led to the recovery of the vehicle.

The vehicle was later driven to the Naivasha Police Station as the officers continued to hunt down for the suspect who escaped.

Baby Panay

Village Elder
The carjackers did one thing right. They drugged the owner's brother and not kill him. Hii ndio wizi nataka hii Kenya. Where the thugs has no problem with your life but use only enough force to get what they want. I hope the fools reform because I don't think they were meant to be thugs. Watu wenye default settings zao ni wizi unawajuanga tu. You hear they killed, raped or beat someone badly.

Baby Panay

Village Elder
these sound like psychopaths.
ordinary thieves are just greedy people who want everything for themselves. but those who arm themselves to steal are in another class.
Yes. Reminds me of a story my dad told me about of thugs that used to rob women and then escort them until they pass area ya team flani ya robbers known for killing and raping people. One of those thugs later became a pastor. They just robbed you. Maisha yako hawakuwa na haja nayo.
Yaani thugs just don't learn, nafikiria kifo ikiwaita hakuna escape. Tracking companies are outplaying them these days, wanaweza fit tracker where it cannot be traced unless gari ibomolewe yote