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Copied from somewhere:

A friend of my mother's had been married for 16 years, had 3 children. The marriage was good enough, not a lot of passion left but they were comfortable together and my mothers friend was happy with her man. Even if she did wonder now and again where things would go and if they could have gone better.

One day her husband got up out his chair just having finished a cup of tea.

"I'm just going out for some cigarettes, before the shop closes. Back in a minute."

And that was it. No argument. No fighting. Nothing. He just disappeared.

26 years later, the kids all grown up and the woman living on her own she hears a knock at the door. She went to answer it and there's the husband standing there, key in hand.

"You changed the locks" he said, puzzled.


She closed the door in his face and left him out there. She'd had over a quarter of a century to consider what she would do if he ever did re-surface as magically as he had disappeared. She needed more time.

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I went to my mabati locals after work, didn't see my buddies around. Asked for beer, the bill kuletwa napata they have hiked beer from kshs 160 to 220.

I paid for the single beer and went to the house.

Kumbe thats why there were only about 5 guys in the joint.
Kwani mabati ni ile slum iko runda?
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