Hekaya Za Marekani: 10,000 IS militants dead in 9 months

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While taking my daily stroll around the internet, I came across a BBC article in which the US claims to have killed 10,000 islamic state militants. At first I thought the BBC was just engaging in clickbaiting, where you're tempted with a juicy headline, only for the actual article to helpfully inform you that "what we meant to say is that the US is capable of killing 10,000 IS militants in 9 months." But alas, it turned out that this was an actual statement from the US army.
As you'd expect, Kyuktothecore got very skeptical. And by "very skeptical", I mean verrry verrry skeptical. I was like:
Really America?



I mean I ain't no military expert, far be it from me to question anything the mighty US army says. But...judging by how ISIS has been behaving, does it sound to you like an organisation that has lost 10000 members in 9 months? Wouldn't these guys be too busy burying their dead to even think of fighting? Wouldn't they be desperately looking for more land for cemeteries? Or did muslims start cremating their dead?
Any army that lost 10000 members in 9 months would at least be suffering some seriously low morale, don't you think? So why is the IS on such a roll? I'm so confused right now.
When the US announced that it was starting airstrikes against ISIS last year, the world expected it to be a straightforward affair, only for the US army to announce that it was actually targeting Khorasan, a terrorist group that absolutely no one had heard of up to that point. In the coming week, I'll post a thread detailing how western powers actually need terrorism to thrive in order for them to maintain their power. In short, friends, the "war on terror" will never end.
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For starters where and how do supposed terrorists get continous supply of modern weapons?
That's another mystery. Despite both outnumbering and outgunning the IS, the Iraqi army frequently chooses to flee instead of engaging the militants, conveniently leaving huge caches of weapons for them to pick. So the US supplies the IS with weaponry, using the Iraqi govt as a middleman.


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Ukiona hata CNN wameanza kudoubt, basi iko chida. America has gotten so comfortable that it no longer tries to be creative with propaganda.

They reported it on the sidelines of the paris conference on ISIL, but America has created a monster that has mutated out of control. ISIL got over $500 MIL from the Central Bank in Mosul when it overan the Iraq Army earlier on in the war, it earns taxes from businesses in its control, the oil is smuggled by the low level civilians that really need the mullah to survive cutting off the smuggling lines will mean the U.S loses the hearts and minds of the civilians in this territory meaning they will have created another Taliban-like situation. Its surprising how ISIL, ISIS and Al-Nusra all sprung up after the decline of Al-Qaeda or the ending of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. IMO its all scripted


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I do believe the said number of killed IS is genuine but they were not all killed by the US but by the collective efforts of air strikes, kurds, iraqi army, syrian army and other millitias. when kobani was liberated a few months ago by the kurds with the help of US led airsrikes more than 3000 ISIS millitias were killed.


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When you're playing GTA sijui COD kwa gamepad, the powers that be in Washington wanacheza live. With live weapons and live lives. Sad
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