Hello, I'm new here

1.Kimbilia abstract police station for identification then you post it here.
2 Your medical records should be public to every talker around the kijiji.
3.Bank balances and profile photo to be availed by minimum 24hrs from the time you became a talker.
4.Kama una nyoka please nilete ni fikishe Ktalk threshold.
5.Our policy is always and I repeat always bring photographic evidence to back your stories, kama si hivyo tutakupa kikombe ya UHOYA (ask around what it means)

Ni hayo tuu.


Village Elder

Karibu Ndugu ...

The first thing you will learn when you enter here is that there are a number of nasty MOFO's who derive great pleasure in Insulting and Provoking others ...
[ ..tells you a lot about the pedigree of some of them ...]
But , do not let it worry you ...
With time , they find other outlets to vent their frustrations ..

That said ...
Safisha Macho na hio hapo ....!!