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Sharing VPN Internet Connection
Initially I thought this worked by just setting up a hotspot. Nkadunga nil. Googling around, nkapata pda net yaweza tumika kushare vpn connection to lappy. Used it and errything was all cool, or it appeared to be, until when downloading stuff nkarealize something funny. Phone's speed iko at 3MB/s but speed ya download kwa lappy iko at most 1MB/s. I dont know how to explain this, but it looked like this pda stuff was "eating" away some bandwidth, 2MB/s to be precise. So anybody who has experience in this area, kindly help, if there is another alternative that utilizes full internet speed and does not eat into my bandwidth, kindly lemme know. TIA.


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pdanet bado iko? Last time I used pdanet I was using this phone:


Those were the days.

So you are saying you cannot use hotspot to share your mobile phone internet with the laptop because?


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Depends with what servers you are downloading from, Secondly vpn servers will affect your bandwidth. The vpn should work if it has been setup on your phone either manually or through an app because your phone is your AP.