Hessy wa huruma services needed


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Miss independence my ass, this is real life proof that miss independence is theoretical nonsense. The instinct of any female is self preservation first and foremost. She hid under the chair so fast it's as if she's been rehearsing.
Good job having a working security camera. Next time they should have one lower to catch their faces clearly.
Death is the only thing they deserve


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:D:D:D:D:D:D but the thugs gave them no reason to be scared....not even once did they point the gun at them.very professional of them.they dint even frisk the customers.they were just interested with the mpesa shop
I have seen other videos where the thugs even rob the customers, these look very focused on what they were out to accomplish


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Most calmest dude or part of the gang
Innocent until proven guilty! It’s something enshrined in the constitution but D minus Hessy apan tambua as per kawa. Kazi ni kill first, questions later. See, people react differently while under duress. Some will go into shock like the lady, others become confused. Still, a minor percentage will remain transfixed on the spot like the dude in black. It’s very important to always keep an open mind and ask critical questions.