Hi-Specs Laptop + Camera required- Urgent!!!!!


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Is any talker able to supply any of the below laptops? Immediate biz, sio story ya kuimport. I need it like yesterday. Also in need of Genius WideCam F100 camera.

Dell Precision 7710


HP Zbook 17 G3

Lenovo P70


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Kwani unataka kushoot porno ukiedit ama?
But seriously, lazima ikuwe laptop?
Some of us outgrew porn, and are on to serious business. And yes, it has to be one of those specific models.
I can only salivate on the 1st 2 laptops.
Enough to run VirtualBox with several VM simultaneous
I see you have an idea of the purpose of the machines. The Lenovo is the only one with an optical drive, so pia its worth salivating for too.
Hii ni ile tenda iliivana jana?
Yes sir.
Ama unafikiri ni za kuhack IEBC KIEMS?