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I have conducted an empirical longitudinal research on the kinds of coomer I attract and established the following;
1. I have a very high affinity for single mothers. I have lost count on the number of single mothers i have dry fried, especilly single mothers between the ages of 25 to 35 yrs.

2. I have a high affinity for chicks from the following ethnicities
a) kambas.....yet to meet a kamba akaninyima
b) Kisiis....they stick on me like glue
c)Kikuyus....i think hapa ni tyranny of numbers working...ni wengi sana..na wanataka dic tu

NB: I stopped chasing after coomer five years ago. I perch like a leopard and coomer comes to me bila shida....hakuna story na kukimbizana nao kama cheetah.
Therefore, all the above cross my path suggestively and I pounce.

mbicha ya single mum ndio hio moja....na ya mkambodia hapo chini 2014-04-10 16.48.49.jpg
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