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hii 'cut' ama 'chicken' its given Uhuru a mileage

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“From the aforementioned figure, Mrs Ngilu allegedly is going to get a kick-back of Sh 65,000,000 once the deal is through,’’...from todays paper


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The day i see senior politicians named in these scandals being interviewed in Jail by Dennis Onsarigo #CaseFiles ndio nitaamini....otherwise hii ni P.R.opaganda


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The only way out is to better our own self(woteva puts meal on the table)...let the politicians play their dirty games.


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Let the politicians be,, i dont eat or shit politics, najifanyia kazi to fend for myself, the day they will interfere with my livelihood ndio nitashughulika


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You can never escape politics because politics must affect you. I am a completely oppositional guy who dislikes democracy, communism, corporatocracy, imperialism, monarchical systems etc as we know them. I am therefore unable to support the current system or any remedy given to it. I favor something called Libertarianism, capitalism, atheism, secularism.
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