Hii ni madharau ama ni nini?


Village Elder
Something has been disturbing me since last weekend and I have been looking for answers within me to no avail.

So last sato I was chilling at my crib with no plans. Kidogo my phone rang and it was this chick friend. She asked me what I was up to that day nikamshow sina plans, nimeboeka tu kwa hao. Next thing she tells me to go over to her place. Who i'm I to say no? I was bored anyway and I could use some company. This is a career lady and she is single and pays her own bills, so somehow I was comfortable going to her place.

So I'm at her place, we have lunch, catch up kidogo.... and there we were kissing... kidogo kidogo nikajipata ndani.

As soon as we finished the first round I notice blood on my mjulubeng. f**k! This chick was on her periods. How could she invite me over and lead me on when she knew she was in that state? What the f**k was she thinking? Who does she take me for? I felt so low mahn. Hadi wa leo i'm still asking myself those questions

Hii ni madharau ama ni nini?