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KenyaTalk introduces virtual currency to award active users
Posted on : June 26, 2017 By TechMoran

KenyaTalk.com, one of Kenya’s leading online community has launched a virtual currency to reward members of its community in a move expected to award its users and even sign up more.
According to the team, virtual currency would help the forum achieve most of its objectives and nurture internet publishing using user generated content.
The team say the creation and spread of content in the digital age is flawed and not serving the people consuming it or creating it . “The vision of Kenyatalk.com is to build a better publishing platform,  one that allows anyone to offer their stories and ideas to the world and that rewards the great ones that are loved by the community,” the team said.
He goes on to add that Advertisement driven media does not serve the community of content creators and readers thus increasing the number of advertisements ultimately hurts user experience. Kenyatalk.com has the vision that people who write and share ideas should be rewarded on their ability to enlighten and inform, not simply their ability to attract a few seconds of attention.Thus the model of online advertising is flawed.
With Kenya Talk Credits (KCr.), a virtual currency which will support it’s goals. Ktalk Credits are awarded based on the trophy system which is an awards system based on a members age and contributions to the community.For instance a new member posting their first message earns them 1 KCr. Getting your content liked automatically earns you 2 KCr. The goals available to achieve are many.
Currently the only way members can redeem your credits is through airtime purchase but there is work in progress to offer other avenues of getting value from the credits awarded. The firm expressed optimism that this is a better system, one that serves the community and will revolutionize online publishing.
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"Likes" are not very useful in helping nurture wholesome conversations. When people are after "likes", they are likely to become populists; posting only content and opinions they feel are likely to be meet enthusiastic reception no matter how untrue or trivial.

I think people should rather be interested in speaking their mind, no matter how unpopular their take is.


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Thanks to ignore button , the poster and the first person to reply walikula block kwangu, upus huwa naondokea haraka.


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birrionaire kama mimi siwezi shinda nikiandika ndiyo nipate credo. kama ni my monthly faiba subscriptions, it would turn my head